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South - Eastern New South Wales and the ACT.

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    The Australian Lions Foundation is part of Lions Clubs International in Australia. The Foundation is supported by the 1400 Lions Clubs within Australia.

    It provides direct financial assistance to individuals and organisations through the Lions Clubs in the local areas of need including:

    Emergency and Disaster relief (Fires, Floods, Cyclone and Drought).
    Compassionate Grants for people in need.
    Funds are distributed in partnership with our local Lion Clubs, who work with the beneficiaries to manage projects, ensuring that every cent is used in the way that it should be. The Foundation is committed to using the funds quickly and efficiently to help those people in their time of need.

    The Australian Lions Foundation does not charge any administration costs and your total donation will be used to support the relief that you have nominated or may be used in cases of humanitarian or compassionate need.

    More details: https://www.givenow.com.au/australianlionsfoundation

  • 2020 District N2 Convention

    Venue: TBA Cooma NSW
    Dates: 6th February 2021.

    Hosted by the Lions Club of Cooma.

    More Information available soon.

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    Lions Youth of the Year Facebook Page



    More details: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Youth-of-the-Year-Australia/692761254182599?fref=ts

  • Lions District 201N2 Facebook Page

    More details: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Lions-District-201n2/219386554776249

National news

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    LCIF Fundraiser - Australia's Campaign 100 Chairperson for LCIF, PCC Lou Onley, invites you to Follow Your Rainbow...

    While practicing safe social distancing over the past few months, Lou let his usual neat number two hair style grow wild. In true Lions fashion, there's a greater good at play.

    Before Lou cuts his hair, he wants you or your club to do two things:

    1. Donate to LCIF by 26 July 2020. How to donate - follow the link below to find out how to donate.

    2. Once you have donated, follow the second link to register your donation and vote for the colour you'd like to see on Lou's hair. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LCIFLou

    The colour that receives the most votes will win and Lou has agreed to wear it for the month of August! Join the challenge and support Lions Clubs International Foundation.

    Attachment: LCIFLou "Register your donation and colour"

    More details: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LCIFLouhttps://tinyurl.com/OzLCIF "How to donate"

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    Oz-Clubhouse Clean up needs YOU!

    Thanks for using Oz-Clubhouse but our server is groaning under the weight.

    We'd like your support in deleting old files, including documents,images and videos. Please have a look around your site for very old materials that can now be deleted!

    Executive Officer

    Rob Oerlemans

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    Beware e-mail scams targetting Lions

    Lions should be aware of common e-mail and social media scams targeting club members. Sadly, some of our members have been targeted with these scams.

    For more information follow this link.

    More details: http://lionsaustralia.com/2018/01/29/lions-beware-e-mail-and-social-media-scams/

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    Lions Hearing Dogs on WinTV!

    Head on over to the Lions Australia Facebook page to check out this nice story on WinTV Canberra about our Hearing Dogs


    More details: https://www.facebook.com/lionsaustralia/

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    Our new TV advertisment launched #morethansausages

    It's here! We are very proud to announce the new Lions Australia television campaign - #MoreThanSausages.

    It showcases the breadth of work Lions do in our communities, helping real people through disaster relief and recovery, medical research, youth programs and more. Lions Serve - more than sausages!

    Follow the link to see our video and find out more!

    More details: https://lionsclubs.org.au/more-than-sausages/

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    Attention All Lions OZ Clubhouse Webmasters

    The "Text Instructions" for webmasters of Lions OZ Clubhouse websites have been updated as at 29th December and can be found by clicking on the attachment below or by clicking on the website link.

    Your MD201, OZ Clubhouse Webmaster, Lion Graham, recommends that all club webmasters review the revised instructions.

    If you have any queries, Graham can be contacted by email which you will find in the website link below.

    Attachment: Oz-Clubhouse-Instructions-Revised-29th-December-2015.pdf

    More details: https://lionsclubs.org.au/members/oz-clubhouse/