District 201N2 Australia

South - Eastern New South Wales and the ACT.


This page will be used to provide up to date information on matters relating to administration of District N2

You will also find District Resource listed here.

The following Information is available in the MEMBERS ONLY area.

District Governor's Team please contact Cab Secretary Margaret McPherson 

Please see MD Directory for the following information 

DISTRICT CONSTITUTION As Adopted at the Special District Convention 23rd March 2017

DISTRICT POLICY MINUTES: As at 8 November 2020


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Current Public Liability Insurance Policies

C of C - Public Liability Policy 2020

C of C - Lloyds-2nd-Layer 2020


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General Resources

Lions Clubs International website: Site Map:  http://www.lionsclubs.org/EN/sitemap.php

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District 201 N2 website: Home Page:   http://201n2.lions.org.au/
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Multiple District 201 (MD201) website:  https://lionsclubs.org.au/
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Specific Resources

Lions Clubs International

*Constitution & By-laws for Lions Clubs International and 'Standard Club Constitution & By-laws'


Then open "Manuals and Guides/Governance"
*Club & Club Officer resources:



MyLCI: https://www7.lionsclubs.org/LogIn.aspx

Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF): http://www.lcif.org/EN/index.php




* Constitution & By-laws: https://lionsclubs.org.au/members/resource/ 

* Club Administration Manual: https://lionsclubs.org.au/members/resource/ 

* Lions Foundations: https://lionsclubs.org.au/foundations/

*Information: http://201n2.lions.org.au/Information

*News:   http://201n2.lions.org.au/news

*Lions Foundations & N2 Club website links:   http://201n2.lions.org.au/links